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    Introducing an easier way to expand your benefits offering.

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    Call Support 877-336-8082
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    Call Sales 855-221-6400
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    Contact Us

    The largest benefits community inspiring innovation.

    900+ Large Employers

    Rely on Benefitfocus Solutions and Services.

    50+ Insurance Carriers

    Rely on Benefitfocus Solutions and Services.

    Brokers Consultants

    Partner with Benefitfocus.

    20 Million+ Consumers

    Enroll in benefits through the Benefitfocus Platform.

    1,500+ Data Exchanges

    Are supported on the Benefitfocus Platform.

    100+ Benefit Types

    Are supported on the Benefitfocus Platform.

    A Year in the Life of a Benefitfocus Customer

    Customers are at the heart of everything we do. It’s not a mantra, it’s a core principle that’s embedded in every milestone of our customers’ journey. How does that come to life?

    Hear from our customers on how Benefitfocus made the difference

    Business requirements can be complex, but not when you partner with Benefitfocus. The Requirements Navigator centralizes and automates version control of customers’ business requirements to streamline renewals and improve data quality for open enrollment.

    Our customers and customer success managers work together to simplify benefits administration and maximize the power of the technology.

    Through the One Place 365 customer engagement portal, Benefitfocus customers have a central hub to communicate with their support team and each other to drive efficiency and innovation.

    What does open enrollment success mean to you? For ViaQuest, it meant being able to show employees the benefits they offer and for them to not only understand the value, but best leverage them for their needs.

    With Benefitfocus, you have dedicated support that stays actively involved in helping you succeed – not only in leveraging our technology, but also connecting you with the broader customer community.

    Renewal Support

    American Eagle Outfitters highlights world-class data accuracy

    Customer Community Service

    KLX, Inc. Explains their Strong Relationship with the Benefitfocus Team

    Customer Engagement

    Snohomish County Public Utility District talks efficiency and innovation

    Open Enrollment Success

    ViaQuest shares what their move meant for open enrollment success

    Customer Community Service

    Western Kentucky University shares their partnership story

    Our Continuous Customer Success Investment

    Benefitfocus’ Commitment: To be a world-class company where our associates flourish and our customers prosper.

    Our customer success model is grounded in providing an end-to-end customer experience with support that stays actively involved in helping you succeed.

    That’s why we invest in the people that shape that experience - our associates. An investment in our associates is an investment in our customers.

    Our associates are relationship builders, technical experts and behind-the-scenes masters working on exceeding customers’ needs.

    Tailored training, growth opportunities and professional development activities contribute to associate learning and living our core principle of putting customers at the heart of everything we do.

    Dedicated Customer Success Manager with support from Customer Support Specialists

    Deep industry experience and scalable support

    Unique insights into program strategy as well as industry trends

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    16 Week Full-time Coding Bootcamp

    1) Application

    2) Assessment

    3) Interview

    Launch Application
    What is a "full stack" engineer?

    A "stack" refers to the layers of technologies between the server hardware and the end-user's browser required for a complete web application. Within this somewhat simplistic definition, you can further divide the stack into two parts: the front-end and the back-end. A front-end engineer specializes in the interactive, user-facing portion of a web app: the look and feel, color scheme, animations, buttons, and all the rest that makes up the user interface ("UI"). A back-end engineer works with servers, queries databases, writes APIs, and developes algorithms to hand the appropriate information back to their front-end counterparts. A "full stack" developer is one with experience and knowledge of both the front-end and the back-end. There are several popular stacks to choose from, and the more exposure you have to different technologies, the more versatile and in demand you'll be as a developer. Javascript, though historically a front-end language, recently made the leap to the server-side as well (thanks to Node.js). Think of this exciting shift as "one language to rule them all." Python is a powerful programming language that's excellent for beginners and highly sought-after in the job market. Python is also known as one of the most popular languages in the quickly growing field of "big data" analytics. By covering two programming languages and our rotating elective workshops, our students are better equipped both as builders and job seekers. They're more versatile and better able to tackle new technologies in a constantly evolving industry. They're able to turn their ideas into fully-functional web applications without missing components. In short, they're full stack software engineers.

    Student Portfolio

    Jonathan Melin

    He would still say it's "a work in-progress," but this student's creative take on a portfolio is impossible not to show off. As a result of his hard work he didn't last long on the job market!

    See Portfolio

    Group Project

    Huddle Up

    Team Management - simplified. This front-end group project was build about half way through the immersive program. It even has group SMS built in, powered by the Twilio API! Built by Julie, Todd, James, and Jonathan.

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    Group Project

    Data Soap

    Data Soap is a tool for call centers or anyone with huge databases of contacts (phone numbers) to scrub their data set against the national "no call" list. This is a cause we can get behind! Built by Houston developers Karissa (BI Developer @ Vista Energy Marketing) and Deepak (Data Analyst @ Clockwork Solutions) as their first front-end group project.

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    Final Project

    Chris R.

    It's always fun when a student takes our "builder of " slogan seriously! Chris built a remote-controlled car that you could drive with your terminal, a little Node.js, and a PS4 controller.

    "Talk is cheap. Show me the code."

    A Day in the Life
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